Welcome to Chestnut Dental!

Pediatric, Orthodontic & Adult Dental Specialists

We love our patients! We opened in Needham in 1970, and we now proudly serve the communities surrounding Needham, Franklin, and Bedford, Massachusetts

In 1978 we were the first practice in Massachusetts with a dual trained pediatric dentist and orthodontist. Today we are known for the coordination of care between our pediatric, orthodontic, and adult dental specialists.  We also maintain a close relationship with Boston Children's Hospital and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where many of our doctors teach when not seeing patients at Chestnut Dental . All of our pediatric and orthodontic doctors received additional training to care for your children and are board certified or board eligible.

Our patients benefit from our highly trained dental specialists who care for and educate them on the most up-to-date dental health and preventative care techniques for each stage of life, from infancy to adulthood.

Why Choose Chestnut Dental?

At Chestnut Dental, you will enjoy the benefits of coordinated care between specialists. The majority of our doctors are Harvard trained, and we pride ourselves on providing all our patients with the highest quality care. We use the latest, proven technologies and techniques. Chestnut Dental is on our way to being an impressionless practice with the introduction of new intraoral scanners for our pediatric and orthodontic practices. No more uncomfortable impressions needed!

Chestnut Dental offers 24-hour emergency call service as well as convenient office hours, evenings and Saturdays. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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