Daylight Savings With a Toddler

Daylight Savings With a Toddler
Posted on 11/07/2018

Daylight Savings With a Toddler

fall back clock

We have once again reached that time of year where we apparently gain an extra hour of sleep.  The glorious “falling back” of daylight savings.  For those of you with small children, of course this means absolutely nothing of the sort for you.  Your children will wake up an hour earlier instead.  Congratulations.

I still am trying to figure out how to adjust the sleep cycle of my toddler, and honestly I have just decided to go with the flow.  It is completely counter intuitive that actually, the earlier he goes to sleep, the longer he will sleep the night.  In my head, it makes sense to put him to bed an hour later and then he will wake up an hour later, right?  WRONG.

Apparently it doesn’t work that way!  So now I’m putting him to bed an hour earlier and praying before I go to bed that he sleeps his normal time.

Experts say that you need to start moving bedtime later and later in increments of fifteen minutes over the course of a few weeks. Then the child will get used to the new bedtime.

Clearly, I didn’t do this.

Now I don’t know what’s going on.  I think that’s also called being a parent?

Anyway, at least falling back means fun activities and holiday and family time. Even if it means lack of sleep.  And eventually children get used to the time change - I think.  Just in time to spring forward!

How about just getting rid of daylight savings time? I think all of us with small kids would appreciate it!


Dr. Lisel Balk
Adult dentist, Needham office