Dog Adoption

Dog Adoption
Posted on 08/05/2019

Dog Adoption

Geno2 - Copy

I would like to introduce you to my new grand-dog, Geno!  

My son has been considering adopting a dog for the past few years and finally decided the time was right.  He checked several places for local dogs in need of a home and found Geno listed on the PetSmart adoption website.  

Geno, along with a few other four-legged friends, was living with a foster parent.  The first step was to contact her and arrange for a home visit.  This was an opportunity for my son to meet Geno, take him for a walk, and for the foster parent to see that he was going to a good home.  

A few days later, the foster parent once again brought Geno to his new home!  He was timid at first, being left with a new person, and found comfort hiding under the kitchen table, but over the first few days quickly became attached to my son and his new routine – morning walks, afternoons at the dog park, and play dates with his dog friends. 

Geno and FriendsGeno1

Though I am not a dog owner myself, I have always been a dog lover, and look forward to seeing Geno when we visit my son.


Dr. Richard Strakus
Adult dentist, Bedford and Needham offices