Orthodontic Treatment for Missing Teeth

Orthodontic Treatment forMissing Teeth
Posted on 03/26/2018

Orthodontic Treatment for Missing Teeth

missing lateral incisor treatment

As an orthodontist I use braces and Invisalign to align teeth and correct the bite.  However, sometimes patients have extra teeth or are actually missing teeth.  Among the most commonly missing teeth are the upper lateral incisors.  These are the front teeth you see when you smile that are immediately in front of your canines.  When these are missing, we first place braces to straighten the teeth, then we open space in the upper arch where these missing teeth should be so that after braces come off crowns can replace the missing teeth.  Please see the before and after pictures of a patient treated at Chestnut Dental who had two missing upper lateral incisor teeth.


Dr. Adam Donnell
Orthodontist, Bedford and Needham offices