Over Retained Teeth

Over Retained Teeth
Posted on 08/30/2018

Over Retained Teeth

 As summer winds to a close I reflect on the highlights.  I spent a good portion of the summer with my family in Orleans on Cape Cod.  For better or for worse, one common theme this summer was sharks. As many of you may have read in the media, shark sightings were very common around Orleans and unfortunately there was a shark attack on a man swimming in Truro.  Now more than ever it is very important to pay attention to the warnings of sharks in the water.  While it is unfortunate that we can’t enjoy the beautiful waters of the Cape Cod National Seashore like we used to, we have to remember that this is their natural habitat.  Perhaps they will move on at some point but for now we must coexist.

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Believe it or not, you may also hear the word “shark” when you come to see us in the dental office.  We get calls every day about baby teeth not falling out while the permanent teeth are coming in.  Clinically this looks like a double row of teeth.  In keeping with our tradition of making dental visits fun, we often tell the kids they have “shark-itis”. (Most sharks have several hundred teeth that exist in multiple rows.)  If your child has “shark-it is” he/she will be instructed to wiggle the baby tooth at home.  In some cases the baby tooth can be stubborn and we opt to extract the tooth in the office with some numbing medicine.  

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Enjoy the last few weekends of summer and have a great fall!!


Dr. Keri Peterman
Pediatric dentist, Needham office