The Animal Game Tooth Facts

The Animal Game Tooth Facts
Posted on 06/11/2018

The Animal Game Tooth Facts

My pediatric patients know I love animals and if they flamingohave ever had a tooth fixed, they know I like to play the “animal game” during the filling visit.  I thought I would write my blog this week on whether or not some of my most frequent animal game animals have teeth.

“What animal is black and white, looks like it is wearing a tuxedo, lives where it is cold, and likes
to eat fish?”
Answer: a Penguin !!
Penguins do not have teeth.  They do however have tooth-like bristles on the tongue and roof of mouth that help them swallow the slippery fish they like to eat.

“What animal is pink, lives in Florida and has long skinny pink legs?”
Answer: a Flamingo !!
Flamingos have tooth-like ridges on the outside of their bill to help filter food from the water.

“What animal is black and white, roly-poly, and likes to eat bamboo?”
Answer: a Panda !!
Pandas apparently have 42 teeth that help them chew all that bamboo.

“What animal is slimy, lives underwater and has 8 legs?”
Answer: an Octopus !!
The octopus has 4 different kinds of teeth. 3 different kinds of teeth are found in its mouth,
with one type around its tongue, allowing these special teeth to drill holes into thick shells of mollusks. The 4th type of teeth are found on the suckers of its arms, and are shaped like hooks.

“What animal is green, has a hard shell, walks kind of slow…”
Answer: a Turtle !!
Turtles do not have teeth. They have horny beaks like birds.  Carnivorous turtles have a beak that's hook shaped in order to kill their prey.  Vegetarian turtles have beaks that are broad and flat to help them crush and mash plants.

“What animal has big teeth in the front, and a tail that looks like a waffle?”
Answer: a Beaver!!
Beavers definitely have teeth. Strong ones!  They have a set of back teeth for chewing and 4
very strong incisors (front teeth) that grow continuously so they won’t be worn down by chewing
on wood.

I hope you enjoyed playing the animal game and learning about the mouths of our favorite ones!!


Dr. Cristen Kowalski Beard
Pediatric dentist, Franklin office