Thinking About Braces? A Post-Op Review

Thinking About Braces? A Post-Op Review
Posted on 09/04/2018
Before and after braces

 Thinking About Braces? A Post-Op Review


Before After DAB Ortho

Last December, I wrote about beginning Orthodontic treatment as an adult.  My traditional metal braces were put on  last October.  After approximately nine months, I’m happy to say, my treatment is finished, and the result is outstanding!  I had been unhappy with the crowding and the overlapping of my teeth.  After having gone through the treatment plan, my teeth are aligned well.  I feel the result is great!  I can smile with confidence.  The entire Ortho Team was excellent and the whole experience was painless!  Thank you!!!


Dr. Alexander Becker
Adult Dentist, Franklin & Needham offices