Lost Baby Tooth

Lost Baby Tooth
Posted on 06/10/2019
Lost Baby Tooth

Lost Baby Tooth


My daughter Madelyn just lost her baby tooth and participated in the ritual of placing the tooth under her pillow….in the morning Madelyn woke up and found money under her pillow.  This is the same ritual that I did with my parents when I was her age.

Madelyn and I read The Tooth Book by the author Edward Miller and we want to share some fun facts that we learned about losing a primary (baby) tooth and the various rituals that occur all over the world:

“Centuries ago people threw lost teeth into fires so witches wouldn’t find the teeth and put a curse on them.”
“Some kids put lost teeth in glasses of water, boxes, mice holes, or slippers instead of under their pillows.”
“In countries such as Greece, India, and China, kids throw lost teeth over the roofs of their houses.  They wish for the teeth to be replaced with stronger ones.”
“In many countries, including Mexico, France, and Spain, the Tooth Mouse is believed to take teeth and leave treasures in their place.”
Other countries including England and Canada believe in the Tooth Fairy and follow the same ritual that we do in the United States.

We have 20 baby teeth to lose, so next time your child loses a tooth- you may want to try some of these various rituals that we see all around the world.


Dr. Scott Harsfield
Orthodontist, Needham office