Digital Impressions

3-D digital scanning of the teeth has eliminated the need for dental impressions at Chestnut Dental!

Until recently the taking of conventional dental impressions using elastomeric or alginate materials was routine in all areas of dentistry. Chestnut Dental has incorporated the iTero three dimensional intraoral digital scanner into our practice. Digital intraoral scanning will allow us to capture computer images of the surface of the teeth and soft tissues and place them into a computer file without using impression materials, thus eliminating the discomfort of impressions. These intraoral digital scans have zero radiation.  

Our orthodontists are able to fabricate most appliances and Invisalign from the original scan obtained at the initial orthodontic records appointment. The 3-D scan is immediately saved to our computer and can be instantly stored in the cloud for our labs to use for fabrication of most appliances. 

Besides eliminating patient discomfort and a reduction in appointment numbers and time, the most important advantages of intraoral digital scanning is extremely precise, accurate and detailed images which allow for improved appliance fabrication and more exacting Invisalign trays.